Innovation & Arts Center

The Center will be approximately 33,500 square feet and will be located on the south side of campus.

Part II, The Innovation & Arts Center will provide an ideal incubator in which students and teachers from all disciplines will engage in an empowering, electric, and ever-changing environment to ask big questions and arrive at even bigger answers.


  • Lobby
  • Art Gallery
  • The Allison & Bennett Rosenthal Theater
  • Community Keynote Stage & Recital Hall
  • Recital Hall Lobby & Gallery
  • Makers Studio & Robotics Lab with Breakout Rooms
  • Makers & Robotics Deck
  • Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship Studio
  • The Gordon-Schwartz Family Gallery Celebrating Windward History
  • Special Events Deck

Windward’s Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship studio will serve as a space to further the mission of our Entrepreneurship Program: Inspire an entrepreneurial spirit in students; Develop an attitude and desire to explore, experiment, innovate, and create; Embrace that failure is a critical part of the creative process. This open floor plan will allow for collaboration and flexible team dynamics as students approach challenges as strategists, innovators, and design thinkers.- Jeff Gilder '08, Director of Alumni Development and Engagement, Associate Director of Admissions


First Floor

  • 1,662 Square Feet
  • Special Exhibits
  • Welcome Center and Reception Space
Art Gallery
  • 1,470 Square Feet and North Foyer
  • Student Art Exhibitions
  • Professional Art Exhibitions
  • Guest Artists & Lectures
  • Bright Ambient Studio Lighting 
  • Showcase Windows Providing External Views from Campus

The Allison & Bennett Rosenthal Theater

  • 6,400 square feet
  • 250 Seats
  • Orchestra Pit
  • Audience Chamber
  • Rear Stage Projection and Control Room
  • Theater, Dance, and Music Performances 
  • Class & Parent Meetings
  • Individual & Group Presentations
  • Guest Speakers
Community Keynote Stage & Recital Hall
  • 4,200 square feet
  • 239 Seats
  • Superior Acoustics for Live Vocal & Instrumental Performance
  • Division Assemblies, Senior Capstone Presentations, TED Talks, Keynote Speakers

*not final design. Image is from Southern Methodist University, Meadows School of the Arts.


Third Floor—IDEA Incubator

•Innovation •Design •Entrepreneurship •Advanced Fabrication

Maker Studio
& Robotics Lab
  • 2,515 square feet
  • Engineering studio and robotics classes
  • Open layout for flexibility and creativity
  • 3D tools and building space
  • Hybrid indoor and outdoor learning opportunities
  • 620 square foot outdoor deck on the east side of the Makers Studio & Robotics Lab
  • 313 square foot balcony off the north side of the Makers Studio & Robotics Lab
The Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship Studio and
Breakout Rooms
  • 1,775 Square Feet
  • Open Floor Plans for Communication and Collaboration
  • Idea-driven classroom space for entrepreneurship classes
  • 312 square foot balcony off the north side of the Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship Studio

Special Events Roof Deck

  • 3,270 Square Feet 
  • Outdoor Event Space
  • Dances 
  • Concerts
  • Banquets