Academic Hub

academic hub
Part I, which began in March of 2020 includes the renovation and expansion of the classroom, theater and administrative building. The total square footage will be 28,178 square feet and is expected to be completed by Fall 2021.
The Academic Hub will include Active Learning Studios that foster design thinking, tinkering, collaborative learning, and entrepreneurship and serve as a flashpoint for synergy. These wide-open spaces and communal work tables will create the ideal environment to support group work, hands-on learning, creative problem solving, and increased student-faculty interaction.
Much like the education they will inspire, the Studios will be flexible by design to allow for facile refinements that keep pace with a changing pedagogy and evolving world.


  • 11 Active Learning Studios
  • The Middle School Division Suite and The Cayton Family Prep Division Suite
  • Three Departmental Offices with breakout rooms:
    • The Paulina, Carlos & Diego Smith World Language Office
    • The Schwab Family Math Office
    • Performing Arts Office
  • The second-story Rita Tuzon & Richard Stone Outdoor Deck with two breakout rooms
  • Drawing and painting studio
  • Graphic design lab
  • Admissions and Head of School Offices
  • Wide, landscaped Schwartzberg Family Bridge 
  • The Valerie & Faraz Daneshgar Central Courtyard

The Allison & Bennett Rosenthal Performing Arts Center

The Allison & Bennett Rosenthal Performing Arts Center, on the west side of the Academic Hub, will feature a new rehearsal studio, a new dance studio, and technical upgrades to the Irene Kleinberg Theater.
  • Rehearsal Studio 
  • Dance Studio
  • Technical upgrades to the Irene Kleinberg Theater

The Schwartzberg Family Bridge

The new wide and landscaped Schwartzberg Family pedestrian bridge will replace the existing wood pedestrian bridge to provide greater connectivity from the North and South sides of campus. 

The Valerie & Faraz Daneshgar Central Courtyard

The landscaped Valerie & Faraz Daneshgar Central Courtyard will allow student gathering between the North and South buildings of the Academic Hub.